OMGclick is No Longer Publicly Available, though it still does seem to get updated… 🤔



Immediately sell off unwanted artifacts and keep the good stuff

Market & Sparring Pit Watcher

Purchase Shards in the market and upgrade champs in the Pit

Food Processing

Level up as many food champs as you need without limits


Grind for gear and EXP on multiple accounts simultaneously

“I use this auto clicker daily. I have tried many clickers and this is by far the best and easiest to use.”

“Having the ability to sell certain gear automatically while leveling food or farming dungeons without my interactions is amazing and makes my life so much easier!”

“I’ve been using OMGclick for months now, and I would not be able to play Raid SL without it anymore. It feels like a natural extension of the game itself.”

“OMGclick has made playing with multiple accounts so much easier. I don’t know what I would do without it!”

The automatizations that I wish were in the game!


Find Help

The user guide should help you better understand how to use OMGclick, and the FAQ should have answers to other questions you might have. Failing that, check out the Discord server.

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