• Version 4.1.0
  • Download 325
  • File Size 580.28 KB
  • Create Date 5 April 2021

Patch Notes


  • Bluestacks-style framerate limiter for artifact enhancement
    • Use button or F11 hotkey to start/stop
  • Automatically detect change of game client when switching accounts in single-client mode
  • Food Swap
    • Support for Rank 5 and Rank 6 champions
    • Support for ascended champions
    • Working in dungeons (solo farming only)
    • Support for expanded roster sizes up to 300 slots
    • Option to stop Food Swap from starting a battle if there are any open slots
    • Option to not wait 5s before performing food swap checks (not recommended)
  • Auto Sell overrides
    • Ignore rarity filters for Rank 6 items
    • Keep only Speed (Main Stat) boots
    • Ignore Flat Stats on Speed sets
    • Option to generate log of post-battle rewards from content that drops artifacts
  • Max Level checking can be set stop when ALL are max level or when anyone besides the leader hits max level
  • When inventory storage and Inbox are both full, OMGclick will stop to prevent overwriting Inbox items
  • Minotaur scrolls farming with scroll collection limit options (use 5-champ teams)
  • Limit number of energy refills
  • Shutdown PC when all runs are complete
    • Save session data on shutdown
  • Display session data for all clients added to General tab
  • Run state indicators for Auto-Sell and Food Swap
  • Detection of Shadowkin artifacts in Spider's Den


  • 100% Display Scaling no longer required
  • Market/Pit monitoring moved into master loop
  • Story Mode will now stop at the champ selection screen on Doom Tower boss floors
  • Scan interval no longer locked when using Story Mode
  • Scan interval limited to 5s max (ideally, this should be set to 0s)
  • Auto-start battle only occurs from Campaign, Dungeon, FW, and Doom Tower team edit screens
  • Auto Sell will automatically capture a screenshot whenever there is an identification failure
  • Auto Sell screenshots (and loot logs) stored in content-specific folders
  • Reduce wait time for artifact display
  • Screenshots only contain client area instead of entire window
  • Tightened up scan regions to improve performance and accuracy
  • Hotkey blocking only comes into effect if the game client is active
  • Remember previously-detected instance to improve post-battle processing time
  • Updated link to Discord
  • Hotkey used instead of click event to dismiss certain pop-ups


  • Energy Restore detection
  • Screenshot/Log spam when waiting for energy regen
  • Not detecting main stats on artifacts with multi-line labels
  • Requiring a reload to identify dungeon/campaign on content change (e.g. going from one dungeon to another)



If you've downloaded a version of OMGclick.exe from somewhere other than this website or the official Discord server, you might be using a modified version that may contain actual malware. You can verify your exe by running through a website like VirusTotal and compare the SHA-256 hash. If it doesn't match, delete it immediately and replace it with the version on this page.

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