• Version 4.0.4
  • Download 25987
  • File Size 586.60 KB
  • Create Date 11 December 2020

Patch Notes


  • Doom Tower Recognition for use with Story Mode (Progression)


  • Stop button(s) not working when using "Alternate Click Mode"
  • Run count incrementing when replay attempts are made with "Restore Energy" is disabled
  • Restore energy check occuring twice while waiting on energy regeneration
  • Rank 4 champs in team slots being detected as Rank 3
  • Improved detection of Rank 4 artifacts
  • Improved detection of Boots artifacts
  • Improved detection of Mystery Shards


  • Max Level checks in dungeon runs stop only when entire team is max level
  • 100% EXP Boost no longer checked in dungeons
  • Auto Combat will always be turned on
  • 2X Combat speed will always be set


SHA-256: a7a0f98a5c0edd97d174a69f14e6d988881bf739f83c1ba504d0cbbf7baefaed (VirusTotal)

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