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It's https://discord.gg/SxH7Jmauhw, but if you can also find a link to it at the top of this website.

In short, the answer to this question is, "no."

As of this post, Plarium has explicitly stated several times that auto clickers are not prohibited so long as they do not overstep certain boundaries as described in this announcement, though their use is not supported. See Plarium’s (Un)official Stance on 3rd-Party Tools for more information and screenshots from other Plarium representatives.

However, it should be noted that Plarium can change its stance on the use of auto clickers at any time.

Many, though not all, anti-virus and security software suites will trigger a false positive detection when attempting to download or use OMGclick. This is an unfortunate result of compiling the AutoHotkey script into an executable. Compiling a blank AHK script file into an EXE will produce the exact same results. As such, these warnings can be ignored. To prevent multiple warnings about the false positives, you will want to create an exception for OMGclick. The steps for Windows Security are described on this page; however, the steps will be similar for most other software. For specific instructions, you will need to use Google or refer to your software's documentation.

Go to https://www.getomgclick.com/discord

This project is closed source, so the source code is not available to the public nor is it available upon request. If you're one of those people who insist on seeing source code before using any software, I suggest you look at other solutions for your RSL auto clicker needs. I'm sure you can find some open-source alternatives elsewhere.

OMGclick resizes the game client window to a particular size in order to "normalize" the size of UI elements. As such, it is mandatory that you do not have the game client in fullscreen mode or maximized if in windowed mode when using OMGclick. After the window is resized, you're free to reposition wherever you prefer so long as no portion of the window is off-screen. While scanning the game client, if OMGclick detects any change to the window size, it will again resize the window.

This is a visual bug related to the Unity player. It's a pitfall of the redrawing mechanism of the game client whenever it attempts to redraw the game window and usually occurs when frequently resizing, moving, or minimizing/restoring the game client. While this can affect users of high-end GPU's, it seems to be more prevalent on users of integrated graphics.

Your auto-sell settings might not reflect what you actually want it to do. Be sure to refer to the User Guide to understand how to use the auto-sell filters properly. If you're still having trouble, hop on the Discord server, and someone will likely be able to set it up properly based on your needs.

NOTE for users accustomed to older versions of OMGclick: As of version 4.0.0, selection of game clients has changed from bottom up to a top down selection process to make it more intuitive for new users.

If you wish to run OMGclick with a different client count than are actually running (e.g. setting number of clients to 1 but having 2 running), just have the one(s) you want handled by OMGclick to be the ones most-recently active, then start OMGclick. After it captures all the intended game clients, you should be OK to go back to controlling the others manually.

If the above is too complicated, the alternative is to have only the clients you want controlled by OMGclick to be running, then start OMGclick. Once it's captured all the game clients, you're free to launch additional game clients. These new clients will not be handled by OMGclick.