While a lot of work has gone into improving OMGclick over previous versions, it’s still not perfect. Major portions of OMGclick were entirely rewritten for 4.2, including all of Food Swap and Auto-Sell, to fix some issues that were prevalent in the 4.0 and 4.1 releases. This rewrite also includes a considerably different way of detecting various elements of the game, which unfortunately have their own set of problems. Below you will find a list of known issues. Where possible, I explain the cause and possible workarounds, if any. Over time, I expect to resolve these issues, but at this moment, they’re just problems we have to live with for now. This page will go into known issues in OMGclick 4.1 that do not need to be reported as new bugs. Over time, these issues will be addressed, when possible, in future updates.

Sending DMs and posting bug reports about the clicker no longer working after an update does NOT speed up the process.

Raid Got Updated and OMGclick No Longer Works!

Because of how OMGclick now detects certain things in the game, most functionality will break whenever the game client is updated. Just wait for an update that supports the new game client to be released. It will usually be out the same day of the game client update.

If Plarium updates the game client in the middle of the night (PST), don’t expect an update right away…I’m asleep.

Max Levels Not Detected

Max level checking is now handled dynamically. If OMGclick detects that some champions have gained EXP or levels, it will consider them as “leveling champions” and continue to monitor them until any of them reach max level. To ensure problem-free runs, make sure to “start” OMGclick from the team selection screen. At the end of the first one, OMGclick will “lock in” the leveling champions. This can also be done from a post-battle screen, but if champions are already at max level, it will not detect any changes in EXP or levels, thus considering those champions as “farmers”.

Never “start” OMGclick from a post-battle screen with max level food champions

This usually resolves itself the next time the game client returns to the team selection screen.

Food Swap Prematurely Moving On to Next Higher Rank

Although Food Swap was entirely rewritten from the ground up and works considerably better than it did in OMGclick 4.0.x, there are still some issues with it. These tend to occur when processing large batches of multiple ranks in the same session. Food Swap was written to handle this, but every now and then, it will run into an issue.

There are instances when Food Swap will stop looking for champs of the current rank being processed and moves on to the next rank. This often happens because there are only one or two other champs of that rank, but their profiles are not fully visible on the roster list. This is simply a result of the number of champs currently in your roster combined with the way OMGclick scrolls through it (specific number of mouse wheel up/down commands per roster “page”).