OMGclick 4.1 GUI

The general release of OMGclick 4.1 is almost here.

So why’s it taking so long, you ask?

Well, aside from school and other real-life stuff that I won’t get into, both Food Swap and Auto-Sell were entirely rewritten from scratch to address a number of troubling issues, and other aspects of the program were optimized or entirely reworked as well. On top of that, a number of new features were also added.

I learned some hard lessons with the disaster (in my opinion) of the 4.0 release and its subsequent patches. As such, 4.1 has undergone considerably more extensive end-user testing thanks to the generous support of my Contributors on Patreon and the people they’ve shared test releases with. This, of course, has meant that the update has stayed in development for a longer period. I believe it will be worth the wait, and when you get it, I think you’ll feel the same.

While I won’t go into too much detail regarding all the changes, here are a few highlights:

  1. You no longer need to use 100% Display Scaling for best results
  2. Food Swap supports leveling up champions of any rank and ascension level and now works in dungeons
  3. Auto Sell now faster and includes filter override options (e.g. Keep only speed boots)
  4. Minotaur Scrolls farming added
  5. Energy refills can be limited
  6. Auto-shutdown of PC
  7. Bluestacks-style framerate limiter for FAST artifact upgrades
  8. …and more!

So, the elephant in the room: when is OMGclick 4.1 going to be released?

The simple answer is, I don’t know yet. Based on what Plarium has said recently, and because it’s a major release update, I am waiting on the Raid 4.0 client update to launch, as I anticipate a significant change to certain key areas of the game that may break OMGclick. If this is the case, the release will be delayed until those issues are resolved. If not, then OMGclick 4.1 should come out shortly after the Raid 4.0 client update goes live.

That said, if you’d rather get your hands on the test releases of OMGclick 4.1 as they come out, head on over to my Patreon page, and sign up to be a Contributor. Once you link your Discord account to Patreon, you’ll have access to the tester areas.

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