Avoid Common Problems

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Where to click Start

While you can click the Start button most anywhere in the game, you should generally start new content (i.e. start new battles, especially new battles in different content from what you previously had OMGclick running) from the team selection screen. Doing this resets certain internal values the script uses to keep track of what is going on and what it is doing. If you attempt to change content before OMGclick “finishes” what it was doing (i.e. triggering the “All runs completed” event), you risk confusing the script.

Interrupting the script by moving your mouse and then changing content while it is “Waiting for you to finish what you are doing” is a prime example of what not to do. When the script finally resumes after you go idle, it will assume it is still on the same screen as before, even though it isn’t.

Team Selection Screen

To avoid this, always stop OMGclick before changing content. When you are ready to start, click start while on the team selection screen of the new content.

In general, do not interrupt OMGclick without stopping it and expect it to behave normally. If you run into this issue, reloading OMGclick almost always sorts things out.

For non-battles (e.g. bastion monitoring, auto upgrading, etc.), you can start/stop OMGclick anywhere. It will only perform an action when necessary. A special case is made while in the Bastion while monitoring the pit or market, though.