Avoid these common user errors, and you shouldn’t have any issues using Food Swap.

Starting with Max-Level Food in Team

The script cannot tell which champions are food and which champions are farmers until it completes its first run and detects changes in XP/levels. Champs that gain XP/levels will then be considered food. Those that do not will be considered “farmers”. As such, starting the first run with a team full of max-level champions will result in a full team of “farmers”.

Don’t start like this (max level food on team)

If you have food that is max-level on the team, remove them before starting Food Swap. You can, however, leave any food that isn’t at max level on the team.

This is okay (partially-leveled food on the team)

Starting Food Swap from Post-Battle Screen

While It is possible to start a new Food Swap session (or resume one) from a post-battle screen, it should generally be avoided. Always start Food Swap from the team selection screen.

If you stop the script on a post-battle screen with max-level champs, you will want to return to the Team Selection screen and remove the max-level food from the team before resuming. Though the script is more than capable of resuming where it left off if it was stopped early enough, taking this precaution will avoid potential issues such as performing extra runs with max-level champs.

Don’t Start Here…especially in this situation

Interrupting Food Swap to Do Other Things

In general, you should let Food Swap run uninterrupted until it is done, whenever possible. You can, of course, stop the script at any time. If you do, be sure to resume your session from the Team Selection screen, especially if you decided to change content. Do not, however, exploit the idle timer to interrupt a Food Swap session to do other things. This can lead to very unexpected results. If you have to interrupt Food Swap, stop the script.

Champs Not Getting Picked (especially lower ranks)

This almost never happens unless you changed a setting in the middle of the session or the session was interrupted then resumed incorrectly. In most cases, stopping the script then starting from the Team Selection screen resolves the issue. However, the fail-safe approach is to simply reload OMGclick before resuming the session. Your settings will be saved, so you can pick up right where you left off.

Do note that this can be identified by amounts going straight to 0. This happens when the script doesn’t detect any more champs of the given rank (even when there are champs available to be picked). You will also see them all be ignored and the script moving on to higher ranks. In this case, you will need to reload the script and re-set the amounts for the ranks that were 0’d out.

While not absolutely mandatory, it is highly recommended that you start all food swap sessions from the Team Selection screen (see image below). This not only ensures that certain “cached” values are reset, but will also make it easier to detect potential problems that may require reloading OMGclick before they mess things up later when you are no longer in front of your computer.

Team Selection Screen

First, empty out your team except for your farmer(s). It does not matter how many farmers you use. As long as there is at least one empty spot on the team, you can use Food Swap.

Food Swap with Multiple Farmers

Basic Setup

Configure OMGclick’s Food Swap options — you will need to enable Food Swap if it isn’t already on. Set the amounts for each rank you want to be leveled up. When you’re ready to begin, click the Start button or use the Start/Stop hotkey.

Basic Food Swap Configuration

For information on all the other options in the Food Swap tab, refer to the other articles in the Food Swap category of the User Guide.

When enabled, this option delays the start of operations (e.g. starting the first battle, forging first item, etc.) until the scheduled time is reached. This is handy if an event will start while you are away from your computer.

Usage Instructions

Scheduled Start option in use

Enable this option by activating the checkbox and setting the desired start time. You can use your arrow keys to increase and decrease values as well as to traverse to adjacent parts of the time.

Aside from the checkbox and status messages, the only other visual indicator that this option is enabled is shown on the Start button, which displays a timer while the script is waiting to start.

When you are within 1 hour of the scheduled start time, the status bar will display a countdown indicating how much time is left until the scheduled start.

If a time before the current time is set (e.g., setting the start time for 4:00 AM when the current time is 9:00 PM), OMGclick will assume it is scheduled for the following day.


Unlike most options, this setting is not stored in the config. This is merely a precautionary measure to eliminate the risk of unintentionally configuring for a scheduled start.

Do note that if your computer is set to automatically go to sleep when idle for a certain period of time, it may go into Sleep mode while OMGclick is waiting to start. OMGclick cannot (will not) wake your computer. Disable this power-saving option on your computer, set it to a longer interval. You can still set OMGclick to Shutdown Your PC when it is done if you don’t want to waste too much more electricity.

Where to click Start

While you can click the Start button most anywhere in the game, you should generally start new content (i.e. start new battles, especially new battles in different content from what you previously had OMGclick running) from the team selection screen. Doing this resets certain internal values the script uses to keep track of what is going on and what it is doing. If you attempt to change content before OMGclick “finishes” what it was doing (i.e. triggering the “All runs completed” event), you risk confusing the script.

Interrupting the script by moving your mouse and then changing content while it is “Waiting for you to finish what you are doing” is a prime example of what not to do. When the script finally resumes after you go idle, it will assume it is still on the same screen as before, even though it isn’t.

Team Selection Screen

To avoid this, always stop OMGclick before changing content. When you are ready to start, click start while on the team selection screen of the new content.

In general, do not interrupt OMGclick without stopping it and expect it to behave normally. If you run into this issue, reloading OMGclick almost always sorts things out.

For non-battles (e.g. bastion monitoring, auto upgrading, etc.), you can start/stop OMGclick anywhere. It will only perform an action when necessary. A special case is made while in the Bastion while monitoring the pit or market, though.

As of this post, Auto-Forge is in its first implementation, which is a simple on/off toggle in the primary controls section of the UI. Enabling this option will simply forge artifacts until you no longer have resources to craft the currently selected/configured artifact set.

A future update to this feature is currently in development and will include other options.

Since you are reading this, I will assume you already have OMGclick downloaded and extracted to some folder on your computer and have been able to launch it without issues. If not, see How to Get OMGclick.

User Guide Button

This article is a general overview of how to use OMGclick. For more information, refer to the various articles found in the rest of the User Guide. You can return here at any time directly from OMGclick by clicking on the User Guide button in the upper right.

Basic Function

By default, OMGclick will just replay battles until it can no longer continue due to a lack of resources (e.g. energy or keys) or some other condition that causes it to stop occurs (e.g. champions reach max level). In the case of content that consumes Energy, it will just wait until you have enough Energy regenerated to start another battle.


Along the bottom of the OMGclick UI, you will find a series of buttons. The only ones you will use often are the Start/Stop buttons and on occasion the Reload button. The F12 key can be used to quickly Start/Stop OMGclick, and Shift+F12 can be used to Reload it.

The Save button can be used to ensure that settings are saved, though this is usually not necessary. Settings are saved when most settings are changed, and settings are written to the config file automatically when OMGclick starts, reloads, or is closed. You can spot this happening when the button momentarily changes to red.

Next to that is the Edit Config button to quickly open the current config file in Notepad for quick edits/review. This is really only useful when you need to add/remove custom memory offsets from your config file.

Last but not least is the Status Messages Window button. This is used to show/hide the Status Messages Window. This button changes the state when the Status Messages Window is active.

Over on the right are the controls that enable/disable auto selling, auto forging, and auto food swapping.

Be sure to see how to Avoid Common Problems next.

Game Window

OMGclick currently requires that you play in windowed mode. If you are playing in Fullscreen mode, go into the game options and disable this. You can also press Alt+Enter to toggle Fullscreen mode.

If you are playing in windowed mode but the window is maximized, you will need to un-maximize your window. You can use the Alt+Enter keyboard shortcut to quickly toggle Fullscreen mode on then off to reset your window. Once you click the start button (you can use the hotkey F12 to toggle start/stop), OMGclick will resize the game window as needed.

You can grab the latest release of OMGclick from the download page. Be sure to actually read the text on that page before you end up asking a question that is answered on that page.

If you run into trouble downloading due to false positives, see the instructions on How to Get Past Anti-Virus Protection.

Once you have successfully download the ZIP archive with the latest release, locate the file on your computer. If you followed the instructions on the page linked above, it will be in the folder you added to your exclusions unless you downloaded it somewhere else on your computer.

Right-click on the ZIP archive, and select “Extract All…” from the contextual menu:

In the “Extract Compressed (Zipped) Folders” dialog, enable the “Show extracted files when complete” option if it isn’t already selected. Then click the Extract button:

A new window should appear showing the contents of the OMGclick folder. From here, just launch OMGclick.exe. It will proceed to extract some files and folders it requires in that same folder (OMGclick doesn’t touch other files/folders on your computer or your registry).

Once it is done, you should see the OMGclick main window with a prompt asking you if you want OMGclick to automatically check for updates:

Clicking “Yes” will enable this option, and OMGclick will proceed with doing an initial check for a new version. This will occur whenever OMGclick is launched.

Choosing “No” will disable automatic update checks, but you can always re-enable it later in the Extras tab.

See How to Use OMGclick to continue on…

Auto-Upgrade Artifacts

With this option enabled and OMGclick running, the script will automatically upgrade artifacts when on the artifact upgrade screen.

This is not intended to replace or be as fast as the built-in “Upgrade to Level X” option, but it does allow you to perform more controlled artifact upgrades if you need to.

Stop upgrading at…

Set this to the level you wish to automatically upgrade artifacts to.

Silver Limit

Enter a number to stop upgrade attempts after a certain amount of silver (in 1M increments) is spent.

Failure Limit

Enter a number here to stop upgrade attempts after a certain number of failed attempts to gain a single level. The number of failed attempts resets automatically whenever the artifact increases in level.

This feature enables a low framerate (LFR) mode that dramatically speeds up artifact upgrade speeds.

To enable this feature, you will need to click on the checkbox (see Figure 1). You will then need to agree to the statements shown in the dialog box that appears in order to enable fast upgrade speeds.

Once enabled, you can use the F11 key to toggle LFR mode on and off at any time, though it’s only useful while upgrading artifacts.

Auto LFR

You can enable this option to automatically turn LFR mode on when entering the artifact upgrade screen while OMGclick is running. When leaving the artifact upgrade screen, LFR mode will automatically be disabled.

Note that trying to toggle LFR mode on/off while Auto LFR is on will not work as expected because OMGclick will constantly set the framerate based on what screen you are on.