Common User Errors

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Avoid these common user errors, and you shouldn’t have any issues using Food Swap.

Starting with Max-Level Food in Team

The script cannot tell which champions are food and which champions are farmers until it completes its first run and detects changes in XP/levels. Champs that gain XP/levels will then be considered food. Those that do not will be considered “farmers”. As such, starting the first run with a team full of max-level champions will result in a full team of “farmers”.

Don’t start like this (max level food on team)

If you have food that is max-level on the team, remove them before starting Food Swap. You can, however, leave any food that isn’t at max level on the team.

This is okay (partially-leveled food on the team)

Starting Food Swap from Post-Battle Screen

While It is possible to start a new Food Swap session (or resume one) from a post-battle screen, it should generally be avoided. Always start Food Swap from the team selection screen.

If you stop the script on a post-battle screen with max-level champs, you will want to return to the Team Selection screen and remove the max-level food from the team before resuming. Though the script is more than capable of resuming where it left off if it was stopped early enough, taking this precaution will avoid potential issues such as performing extra runs with max-level champs.

Don’t Start Here…especially in this situation

Interrupting Food Swap to Do Other Things

In general, you should let Food Swap run uninterrupted until it is done, whenever possible. You can, of course, stop the script at any time. If you do, be sure to resume your session from the Team Selection screen, especially if you decided to change content. Do not, however, exploit the idle timer to interrupt a Food Swap session to do other things. This can lead to very unexpected results. If you have to interrupt Food Swap, stop the script.

Champs Not Getting Picked (especially lower ranks)

This almost never happens unless you changed a setting in the middle of the session or the session was interrupted then resumed incorrectly. In most cases, stopping the script then starting from the Team Selection screen resolves the issue. However, the fail-safe approach is to simply reload OMGclick before resuming the session. Your settings will be saved, so you can pick up right where you left off.

Do note that this can be identified by amounts going straight to 0. This happens when the script doesn’t detect any more champs of the given rank (even when there are champs available to be picked). You will also see them all be ignored and the script moving on to higher ranks. In this case, you will need to reload the script and re-set the amounts for the ranks that were 0’d out.