Dynamic Food Swap Amounts (FSA)

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Enabling this opton will set OMGclick to automatically calculate food swap amounts for each rank based on the champs available.

When calculating amounts, Dynamic FSA will not only look at how many champs you have for each rank, but it will take into account how many are necessary to rank up a champion for a given rank as well as how many champs of lower ranks are (or will be) max level.

Dynamic FSA Options
Ready to Upgrade Rank 2 Champion

Calculation Breakdown and Example

To upgrade a Rank 2 champion to Rank 3, you need one Rank 2 champion at level 20 and two other Rank 2 champions (of any level) to use as fodder. This means that for Dynamic FSA to consider a single Rank 2 champion for leveling, there must be at least three Rank 2 champions available — one to level up and two to use as fodder.

Rank 5 and Rank 6 Options

By default, Dynamic FSA will ignore Rank 5 and 6 champions since its primary use is to automatically grind the food required to rank up champions. If enabled, Dynamic FSA will include the respective ranks in its calculations.

Bear in mind that if you have Rank 5 food in your roster, they may get leveled up to 50 even if they were only meant for upgrading a champion to Rank 6. To avoid this, place the rank 5 food champions in the vault, and disable the Include Vaulted Champions option.

Rank 5 fodder in Selection Pool


On its own, Dynamic FSA will set amounts based on the calculation. When the No Empty Slots option is enabled, amounts will be adjusted to account for the number of food slots detected on the team. For example, a team with 3 food slots will have amounts calculated in multiples of three (i.e. 3, 6, 9, 12, etc.).