Farming Scrolls: Single vs Multiple Champs

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How It Works

When farming for scrolls, OMGclick will take into account not only the Scroll Limit setting but also the number of champs that are not already at or above the Scroll Limit. It makes no difference if you are farming scrolls with two champs or with a full team.

Once everyone on the team reaches (or exceeds) the Scroll Limit, OMGclick will consider the farm session done.

For more information, see the Scroll Limit article.

Farming Different Amounts

If you need to collect a different number of scrolls for multiple champions, you could farm scrolls for each champ one by one, or you could use a different approach, too.

Run them all together and set the Scroll Limit to the lowest amount you need. Once every champ or at least the champ(s) that need only that many scrolls have what they need, stop OMGclick, change remove the champ(s) that is/are done, set the Scroll Limit to another amount, then continue farming. Repeat this until all your champs have their desired scroll amounts.

Either method works just fine, but the latter is perhaps more ideal if the champs collecting scrolls also need to gain some experience at the same time as the EXP is distributed better on larger teams.