Fast Upgrading Speed

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This feature enables a low framerate (LFR) mode that dramatically speeds up artifact upgrade speeds.

To enable this feature, you will need to click on the checkbox (see Figure 1). You will then need to agree to the statements shown in the dialog box that appears in order to enable fast upgrade speeds.

Once enabled, you can use the F11 key to toggle LFR mode on and off at any time, though it’s only useful while upgrading artifacts.

Auto LFR

You can enable this option to automatically turn LFR mode on when entering the artifact upgrade screen while OMGclick is running. When leaving the artifact upgrade screen, LFR mode will automatically be disabled.

Note that trying to toggle LFR mode on/off while Auto LFR is on will not work as expected because OMGclick will constantly set the framerate based on what screen you are on.