Game Client Tools

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Several functions are available to help with managing running game clients.

Kill+Reload Plarium Play

This function is a convenient way to forcibly close down the Plarium Play client without also closing down the running Raid client. It will then restart Plarium Play, allowing you to switch to a different account and launch another game client while the previous one is still running.

Kill Raid

This will immediately close the most recently active game client. It is useful when you need to abort a Clan Boss run and save a key or when shutting down Raid normally is just taking too long.

Set Paths

This will retrieve the full path to both PlariumPlay.exe and Raid.exe and store them in the config file. This is necessary if you wish to use Kill+Reload Plarium Play. If you encounter an error when using this, refer to the error message that appears.

If it is still not able to find the path to Plarium Play, you will need to manually set the path in your config file.