How to Use Food Swap

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While not absolutely mandatory, it is highly recommended that you start all food swap sessions from the Team Selection screen (see image below). This not only ensures that certain “cached” values are reset, but will also make it easier to detect potential problems that may require reloading OMGclick before they mess things up later when you are no longer in front of your computer.

Team Selection Screen

First, empty out your team except for your farmer(s). It does not matter how many farmers you use. As long as there is at least one empty spot on the team, you can use Food Swap.

Food Swap with Multiple Farmers

Basic Setup

Configure OMGclick’s Food Swap options — you will need to enable Food Swap if it isn’t already on. Set the amounts for each rank you want to be leveled up. When you’re ready to begin, click the Start button or use the Start/Stop hotkey.

Basic Food Swap Configuration

For information on all the other options in the Food Swap tab, refer to the other articles in the Food Swap category of the User Guide.