Level Limits

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Enabling the “Use Level Limits” option (Figure 1) switches to an alternate Food Swap mode. Rather than leveling up champions to max level, OMGclick will instead level champions up to the level set in the Level Limits (right column in Figure 2) for their respective rank.

Figure 1
Figure 2

This mode is useful if you wish to partially level up champions for additional points during Champion Training events and tournaments. The default values used when enabling the “Use Level Limits” option are just the recommended values for each rank, but you are free to change them as you see fit.

Once a champ reaches (or exceeds) the level limit, OMGclick will replace the champ with a new just as it normally would during Food Swap when a champ reaches max level.


If you are using Level Limits for the extra points, I recommend running all your food champs through Food Swap with Level Limits before leveling up however many you need to max level.