Post-Process Window Handling

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This option will determine what OMGclick does to the game client when it is done with it after each scanning interval. By default, OMGclick will just switch back to the last active window (if it was something other than the game client) and leave the game client where it is.

Setting this to “Send To Back” will send the game client behind all open windows. This is useful if you are low on screenspace because you’re working on other things and/or playing on a single monitor.


In older versions of OMGclick, users also had the option to minimize the game client. This was removed when background image scanning was introduced as it requires the game window to be open, though not active. With the minimize option enabled, this would activate the game client whenever a background scan was performed, even if no action needed to be taken.

If I can finally eliminate the need for image scanning in all operations that still use it, or at least in ones where an action may not be needed based on the results of the image scan, the Minimize Window option will return.