Restore Energy

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Enabling this option will allow for automatic refilling of Energy when you no longer have enough to start a new battle so long as you have refills in your inbox and/or have enough gems to purchase refills. Once you no longer have enough gem to purchase refills, OMGclick will simply wait for Energy to regenerate.

Restore Energy Limit

Setting a value here will limit the number of automatic refills. Once the refill limit has been reached, OMGclick will revert to simply waiting for enough Energy to regenerate.


Energy bundle

Restore Energy will only refill your energy with “Full Energy” bottles in your Inbox or purchase them with Gems. It will not, however, consume Energy bundles, since they do not automatically appear when trying to start a battle without enough Energy. To use these, you will have to consume them manually.

If Auto Limit is enabled with Restore Energy (including Limited refills), OMGclick will consider the session “done” and perform End Tasks (e.g. “Return to Bastion”).