Run Limit

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When a number is specified, OMGclick will continue replaying battles until it has performed that number of runs (e.g. enter the number 10 to perform only 10 runs).

Auto Limit

By default, OMGclick will continue replaying until you run out of resources. In the case of content that consumes Energy at the start of each battle (i.e. Campaign, Potion Keeps, and Dungeons), once you run out of Energy, OMGclick will simply wait until you regenerate (or refill) enough energy to start another battle.

Enabling Auto Limit will instead force OMGclick to consider itself “done” when you no longer have enough energy to start another battle. This is the same state as when a Run Limit is reached.


When a Run Limit or Auto Limit has been reached, OMGclick will perform its End Task operations.

If Auto Limit is enabled with Restore Energy (including Limited refills), OMGclick will consider the session “done” and perform End Tasks (e.g. “Return to Bastion”).