Scheduled Start

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When enabled, this option delays the start of operations (e.g. starting the first battle, forging first item, etc.) until the scheduled time is reached. This is handy if an event will start while you are away from your computer.

Usage Instructions

Scheduled Start option in use

Enable this option by activating the checkbox and setting the desired start time. You can use your arrow keys to increase and decrease values as well as to traverse to adjacent parts of the time.

Aside from the checkbox and status messages, the only other visual indicator that this option is enabled is shown on the Start button, which displays a timer while the script is waiting to start.

When you are within 1 hour of the scheduled start time, the status bar will display a countdown indicating how much time is left until the scheduled start.

If a time before the current time is set (e.g., setting the start time for 4:00 AM when the current time is 9:00 PM), OMGclick will assume it is scheduled for the following day.


Unlike most options, this setting is not stored in the config. This is merely a precautionary measure to eliminate the risk of unintentionally configuring for a scheduled start.

Do note that if your computer is set to automatically go to sleep when idle for a certain period of time, it may go into Sleep mode while OMGclick is waiting to start. OMGclick cannot (will not) wake your computer. Disable this power-saving option on your computer, set it to a longer interval. You can still set OMGclick to Shutdown Your PC when it is done if you don’t want to waste too much more electricity.