Scroll Limit

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Scroll Limit options

This option sets the target scroll amount to collect in the Minotaur’s Labyrinth.

By default, OMGclick is set to collect 950 Divine Scrolls. Other options are available in predetermined amounts depending on your mastery needs.

For example, if you have a champ that only needs enough scrolls to unlock Warmaster, a Tier 6 mastery, you will need at least 550 Divine Scrolls to unlock one Tier 5 mastery (Methodical or Kill Streak) in order to unlock one Tier 6 mastery (Warmaster)


The Scroll Limit is checked against the champ’s total number of collected Divine Scrolls. So if the Scroll Limit is set to 600 and the champ already has 500 Divine Scrolls (it makes no difference if any have already been consumed to unlock masteries), then the champ will need to be awarded at least 100 more scrolls before OMGclick considers that champ as “done collecting scrolls.”

Other scrolls are currently not supported; however, if you feel there’s a need to include other scroll limits, consider submitting it as a Feature Request and get others to vote on it.