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Single Client Mode

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Single Client Mode

Single Client Mode

By default, OMGclick is set to run in Single Client Mode. Enable this option if you will only be playing a single game client.

When active, Single Client Mode will cause OMGclick to regularly check if the active game client is the one it is expecting to control. It does this by checking the game’s Process ID. If it isn’t, it will assume that you reloaded the game client (e.g. to switch accounts) and link to the new game client.


  • Disabling Single Client mode will not have any adverse effect on functionality even when playing with only a single game client. OMGclick will just need to be reloaded or the PID scan will need to be forced by temporarily changing the Game Clients setting to something other than 1 then changing it back to 1.
  • If you wish to run 2 game clients but only have OMGclick control one of them, you will still need to disable Single Client Mode; otherwise, each time you activate the game client you intend to control manually (or run multi-battles with), OMGclick will bind itself to that game client. See the example given in the Multi-Client article.

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